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Started making siggies when I joined Hero TV Forums in 2009. I wouldn't have began making so many if it wasn't for this really fun contest called Signature Of The Week where we win points that would help rank-up our fave fan club ^^ so all the 2009 tags are the first ones I made. Here goes!

Shoe Business! Someone asked me to come up with patterns to be painted on canvass shoes and be sold for an affordable price. Well, this is what I came up with ^^ it's my first shot at doing something like this and it was really fun! I have to keep practicing so the designs will improve.

The first one I did looked like the caps were dipped in chocolate sauce XD I had churos in mind when I was working on this one.

This second one is supposed to be a complete-me set, I just don't know if it'll work with the actual physical shoe.

Uchiha patterns for Naruto fans... 'Nuf said XD

I really like this one but I'm not sure if it'll be too boring just painted on with acryllic.

That's all for now! haven't posted in a while but here's hoping to start posting again soon! ^^

When I was in grade school, I remember buying paper dolls with paper clothes and dressing them up different ways. Now I'm all grown up... Them dress-up dolls also leveled-up!

I found out about eLouai from my friend Eun-chan when she started a virtual doll-making activity in Hero TV Forums' Ouran High Host Club FC. I imagine myself being all starry-eyed upon discovering that such dress-up flash games exist.

By dragging and dropping the clothes in the right place, the "dolls" can be dressed up any way you want. Every piece can also be stacked on top of each other so you can be very creative coming up with a unique look. I don't really think I have an excellent fashion sense but I really had fun playing especially that the art looks a lot like anime. The site also has Hollywood celebrity dress-ups but I haven't tried that yet XD

Each game/set usually comes with a theme. Like the one I did on the left, it came from a "Toy" theme so every clothing piece in that set is very bright and colorful and kinda wacky XD I tried putting together an outfit that matches this blog's color scheme.

I also played around a little bit more with the "Toy" theme and mix-and-matched three more looks ^^ Here's a link to Roiworld's Designer "Toy" Theme. They look crazy, I know. LOL. Click to enlarge~

But not really "finally" because I tried two more themes, I just won't upload all of them here ;p try it too, post them somewhere where we can take a look (paste the link in the comments if you want XD). Enjoy!


Here's an example of the actual paper dolls we used to play as kids here in the Philippines ^^

we take the pieces out of the card board and we bend those flaps so the clothes cling to the dolls. Nowadays, kids would just drag and drop, right? Haha! Good times, good times ^^
Wonder Woman paper doll image is a property of http://wonderwomancollectors.com

It's Season Four of one of the best reality shows in Philippine TV and so far, I'm willing to try and stay up 'til 11pm every night to watch it.

Actually, I'm staying up to watch Slater. Hahaha! The other housemates look like fun too but some of them, for me, are a little over-acting. The first episode for this season aired last October 29. Me and my sister looked forward to it although I found it a bit boring because of too much commercials :p Nevertheless, PBB never disappointed me so I know that it's gonna get exciting soon. Maybe one of the reasons I like it so much is that it resembles The Sims in many ways hehehe! Someone gets to play god and tell people (and sims) what to do :3

PBB Unlimited has two sets of housemates: UnliDay and UnliNight.
Unliday housemates live in an industrual house which is the house proper from all the previous PBB seasons. I don't get to watch UnliDay housemates a lot because I have stuff to do in the mornings and just yesterday I got my sched for this semester and turns out, I can only watch them on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. So far, my fave Unliday Housemate is Pamu and Seiichi. Pamu has been my fave since day 1 when she entered the PBB house. A fun girl through and through. And Seichi is just plain funny. You gotta laugh and laugh when he talks. So adorable XD

The UnliNight housemates live in the slums which was probably the activity area during the past seasons. This set of housemates, I get to watch every night.

Among girl housemates, I like Tin the best. A bit soft-spoken but I think she's really nice especially when she offered to do a task so Biggel can have some ice cream. He never had ice cream before :< (These are the things I really love about PBB, very different people from all walks of life. Makes you appreciate the things you usually take for granted). 

Tin is  the daughter of PBA superstar Alvin Patrimonio from whom she probably got her love for sports. She's a tennis player and, I heard, was home-schooled so she can focus more on her tennis career O_o

Among boys, Slater is my favorite (Biggel comes second lol). For me, he's the cutest guy housemate this season. I liked him even more during his task to make Joya fall for him. 

Many didn't like it that he folded but I think it tells alot how he can stand for the things he believes to be right. It'll be a bit boring if every housemate will always say "Yes, big brother." It earned him an automatic nomination though.

I also like Tol and Divine, will probably blog about them this week along with my least favorite housemates hehehe!

For more information and a complete list of all the housemates, visit the official website at http://pbb.abs-cbn.com/  all pictures here are from the PBB official site :)

I’m having a relationship with a tree… or I might, depending on how he responds to my confession.

That’s an odd thing to say. Nonetheless, it’s the solitary subject that took my mind away from the possibilities of summer. The season next to it is what I look forward to.

I met him a year ago when my mother and I moved to grandma’s small pension house. Despite what she says, nana is weak with age and needed help running the place.

One crisp morning as I was raking fallen leaves in the backyard, I noticed a man standing near the window to the salon. I believed it was a customer so I approached him from the back and called his attention. The smell of mothballs wafted in the air around him as he turned to face me. It tickled my nose and I sneezed. I immediately apologized. As I did, I looked up to see his face and was taken aback by his youthful features and disheveled hair. I had thought that he was a middle-aged man judging from the old-fashioned clothes he was wearing but I was wrong. He chuckled and asked if he smelled that bad. I apologized again and offered him our available rooms. He was declining my offer when I was called to attend to another customer. I waved at him and left.

I woke up pretty early the next morning. It was still dark outside. I was passing by a window when I saw a man standing next to our old elm tree. I squinted through the darkness of the lawn and made out the face of the man I met yesterday. I could see the bare skin of his shoulders, the rest of him hidden in the shadows. I grew suspicious but what happened next shocked me even more. As if gracefully losing his balance, he let himself fall backwards against the tree trunk , the shadows swallowing him until he was gone.

That day, the elm tree held my attention more than anything. How I managed to approach the tree was beyond me. I was probably more curious than I was scared. It was also the lack of foreboding aura that a haunted tree should possess.

I felt its rough bark with my palm.

I felt peace.

“Do you like it?” To my surprise, a chuckling voice asked from the other side of the tree.

It was him.

“I saw you this morning. By this tree.” My question sounded more like an accusation.

He blushed a rich red tint “B-but I didn’t have any clothes on then! You saw?!”

I found myself stifling a laugh. My first encounter with a ghost was nothing like anyone would imagine. I assured him that the shadows covered most of him.

“So you’re haunting this tree?”

His smile grew warmer and his eyes looked peaceful.“No. I am this tree. I’m glad you came over to get to know me.”

That was the start of our friendship. We talked about many things and how he came to be. In the autumn season, he leaves his physical self; the elm tree. He mentioned that staying in it through the fall season would be the end of him.

He’s not a ghost after all. But what really mattered to me was that I’m happy staying beside him. I found the peculiar thumping in my chest quite absurd. Even so, it’s there and I know it’s real.

And now, at this moment, with this letter, I bring forth my feelings. I anxiously watched his face as he read it.

“I’m sorry…”

Time stopped for me. The only thing that existed was my heart which banged loudly against my ribs.

“There’s someone… I’ve loved for a long time now. And I believe, this would be my last autumn with you…”

With that, I lost the strength to face him again.

Autumn ended.

Grandma’s condition was deteriorating. My mother and I grew busy taking care of her and I could only hope I would forget my pain soon. All through winter, I stood by grandma’s side. She called me to her bedside one morning with a soft smile.

“The spirit of the elm tree leaves its body every fall… and must get back to it before the first frost.”

I was stunned. Whatever it was that I was trying to bury deep inside me all welled up to the surface. I rushed to her side and cried. So Nana knew.

“He’s quite shy but energetic isn’t he?”

I nodded, still sobbing, my face buried on her chest.

“He’s gone now…”

My eyes shot up to her. She was looking away, outside the window. There was still the elm tree, branches covered in melting snow.

“He stayed outside his body all through winter… This morning, he said goodbye.”

Not saying anything more, she rested her head and slept.

That same afternoon, she left us.

I stood beside the elm tree after the funeral. Today, my loss is more than one.I felt my mother’s arms wrap around me. “You had a great friend… And nana, she had a great love.”

I looked up, eyes wide and cheeks still damp.

Mother smiled down warmly at me and with it came my realization.

“He… Knew she’s leaving...” My voice cracked as my eyes flew back to the elm tree. For a brief moment, I recalled his face back then, the first time I saw him standing by the window.

Not going back to his body to stay beside her… That idiot tree.

“Nana made him promise not to appear before her again when she got married. Stubborn, isn’t he?” Mother chuckled softly. “That’s what she said when he showed up this morning…”

I couldn’t help but smile as I picked up a golden leaf underneath the snow and tucked it in my jacket pocket.

The autumn marks the beginning of the end after all. Although the leaves have fallen, the memory will stay.

A/N: This was an entry for Hero TV Forums Fiction Writing Contest. It's my first time joining, I'm only happy I was able to finish an entry :) It's a good thing they have a 1,000 word-count limit to keep it short.

So far the coolest writing community online... at least for me :p
The community is very active and very passionate about writing that it just rubs off on you. A lot of the members are very helpful too especially if you're willing to help them out as well. One of the things I really love about it is the feature where you get to create your own book cover! Makes you feel more like a writer, right? XD And I enjoy Photoshop a lot so I'm thinking of doing book covers for those who can't or don't have the time to make them.

I've only uploaded two works so far and although they are a bit weak compared to all the other stories in there, I really love them XD (biased author is biased)

The first one is a very short story which was also my entry for Hero TV Forums' fiction writing contest (FFWC). It's called Every Fall and it won that round, yay! The second one is a poem I wrote ages ago for my second ex (who was still my boyfriend at the time the poem was written) and it's called Bitten because I was then a big fan of Vampire Knight and I'd associate everything with vampires (but a certain vampire book/movie overexposed them and made me a bit tired of those beautiful blood-sucking creatures). I'll share with you the two covers I made which I think are pretty cool (biased through and through)

That's all I have on Wattpad and book covers so far! Oh, and this:

Aaaaaannnnd~ A bigger one:

Nice widget things huh? And as you can see, I'm not a rockstar yet. But just you wait ;p

Downloads make The Sims 1 more fun
but these days when people prefer Sims 2 or Sims 3, more and more Sims 1 download sites are closing down. However, many great sites are still up and running!

I haven't played in a while since I got back to school but to celebrate end of Midterms, I'm listing down my favorite download sites! (or atleast those I can still remember XD)

The Sims Resource

This goes on top of the list because I think they're the biggest Sims download site around. I could be wrong but so far, for me, they have the biggest collection of Sims 1 items. Hundreds of creators donate their stuff. Heads, skins, lots, building, objects, even programs. I don't think they have alot of really cool hacked objects though but thankfully, other smaller sites have them :3

Around The Sims

This isn't really the next biggest when it comes to amount of downloadable items but I must say that EVERYTHING in ATS is beautiful! TSR up there has some not-so-artistic stuff but for some reason, in ATS, everything is gorgeous. Maybe because only one person creates everything in it? I'm not sure. But this really makes it into my favorites list.


Artwork is good too and they have rare finds like spa sets, catwalks, stages, etc. I've been looking everywhere for those and they are the only site that offered really really good ones. I especially liked their spa sets because I immediately got tired of the basic blue and white available in the game. Objects have this "maxis-3d" kind of style (yeah, slapped those two words together just now :p).


It's where I got my best walls and floors and some of my most favorite bedroom sets too. I love their Victorian skins as well. They have this very nice mystery set presented through a Sim fic called The Magpie Trap. It was just what I was looking for so I'm really glad I found it ^^ Alot of the stuff in there aren't free though ;p It still hurts when I remember how broken I was after finding out those awesome items in Wood For Sims aren't free :(

Marina Sims

Any Sims 1 player is bound to get tired of the same old gets-pretty-boring-kind-of-blue Maxis swimming pool but thanks to Marina Sims, the swimming pools can be more exciting. The site have atleast 5 sets of rugs to place on top of the pool so it'll have like tiles and clear water and stuff. They also have a very nice medieval build set with towers and balconies, hacked thrones and awnings-of-some-sort. Even a drawbridge!


Great hacks all over Simlogical. They have these great stuff that will allow you to easily move in and move out sims, or teleport them into the lot. Even NPCs! I got Janitor Tanya from vacation island to clean the school I made. And speaking of school, they have things that'll allow you to make institutions such as schools, and prisons, and hospitals, and stuff XD they can really change how you enjoy your TS1 game ^^

There are other sites I visited with great The Sims 1 items but I don't remember all of them so just go lookin' XD most of the sites above have links to them anyway. I've downloaded TS2 so I might be trying that for a while if I get the time XD

Thumbnails, not mine. They are created by MarkosWeb.com :)

Happy Simming!

One of my most exciting summers ever is summer of 2011! Vacation has long ended but this blog is like my diary so it can't go without some memories of summer. I said summer three times!

I gotta say that the highlight is our week-long vacation in Baguio City. I mentioned in my other entry that it was my first time going there and we had so much fun! 

- It was my first time seeing a strawberry plant in the flesh (what flesh??)

- it was my first time seeing a very big dog (bigger and taller than me. I'm like 4'11)

- first time taking the Kennon Road (view is breathtaking! Walls and walls of boulders and lush green growth everywhere XD alot of times it'd seem like we are driving the van off the cliff but then it'll make like a hairpin turn and it's so exciting! XD)

- if I'll count all the first times I had there (that sounded wrong >.> but whatever XD), this is gonna be a very very long post so I'll just tell you dear blog that it made me really really happy that we were able to go ^^ I felt like I'm a Sims game and I was given a very cool expansion pack and because of that, I have new maps and new things ^^

I also feel very blessed because the family I have is the kind that can have so much fun together. I remember when we were looking for the Aguinaldo shrine and we got sort of lost that we were going around in circles only to find out later on that the center of that circle is the place we're looking for :p We had this giant Yellow Cab pizza with us so it made the backseat pretty crowded and smelling heavily of cheesy pizza. We were all laughing at ourselves coz it's really kinda stupid how we kept passing by that statue of a person riding a horse and we didn't realize that's already Aguinaldo lolol.

Diet was out the window too because we ate ALOT all through our stay. The hotel had this complimentary hot choco too which I would've said no to but it was so cold and refusing something hot to drink was like cruelty :p I'm pretty sure I gained a few pounds so I better work it all off but that's another story that'll make it's way to one of my entries.

I also discovered that I like taking pictures of stuff. I don't even have one of those very powerful cameras but for some reason, I found that I enjoy capturing nature in pictures. I'm not sure if any of the shots is successful but I do  try XDD

We're looking to visit Baguio again in January and I know I'll be looking forward to it ^^

Final week of May 2011 was my first visit to Baguio City, Philippines! (Yay! XD)
Every summer, my entire family always makes plans of going together but for some reason something always comes up so we have to postpone it. This summer however, we finally get to go. For this post, I'll share some of the flower photos I took with my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S2000.

In Baguio, flowers are everywhere. You just stroll the sidewalks and you'll come across some weird but pretty ones :) I hope the next time we visit, it would be in time for the Panagbenga Festival *heart*

Slideshow needs flash~

'In The Name Of Love' movie poster
Finally! A pinoy movie that didn't follow the pattern. I never liked heavy drama and we were just sort of forced to watch this film but I thank my mom and dad for taking us with them coz had they not, I would've missed such a one of a kind Filipino movie.

Pinoy love-themed movies are good but when it comes to the storyline, while the idea is kinda cool, and the beginnings are quite enjoyable, right to the middle of it up to the end, it somehow manages to follow a pattern. In The Name Of Love also has its own dose of clich├ęs but it's well-placed and is just the right amount to reflect what really always happen in real life. The lines are sometimes cheesy, yes, but I don't cringe at it because it's what people in real life would say. It makes it more believable that you can really get your head inside the story and you get to feel it more. Cinematography is also good, especially the way they presented the flashbacks. Then they play the theme song and the scene just stirs you up. It's Gary Valenciano's version of Andy Williams' song, Love Story (Where Do I Begin).

Even the actors played their roles really well. It's Aga Muhlach so a Filipino audience will expect and will be shown great acting. He's a great actor, hands down. But Angel Locsin, while in my book she falls under "not bad", after watching this movie, I gotta admire her more as an actress. She usually does action roles and she's great at it but I always thought her drama acting is a little overdone that it reminds me she IS just acting. But in this movie, her acting is very believable. It's also nice seeing her all cutesy in the beginning like how she was in GMA 7's teen-oriented show, 'Click' from a long long time ago. And Jake Cuenca (wow, also from Click) is also great. He's really emerging as one of Philippine's most talented (and good-looking) actors. I think his character, 'Dylan', is quite more complex compared to others in this movie. You can't really tell if he's a good guy or not. I take this as a good thing because it's not often that you find yourself feeling for the supposed villain at some point. Jake Cuenca played it well and I can't think of any other actor who could've been more perfect for the role.

There was a bit of deux ex machina in the end when the governor went haywire but I'm willing to believe it coz the rest is really good. Also, I wish they came up with a title that didn't have "love" in it because the Filipino movie industry is already heavily populated with titles that have "love" in them. All in all, it's a must-watch movie and I hope it becomes well-known internationally. I think I'll watch it again ;)

Go pinoy!

In The Name Of Love is a movie by Star Cinema and directed by Olivia M. Lamasan.

Here's a trailer ofcourse XD

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